Dark Sword MOD APK V 2.3.6 Download [Unlimited Gold, Souls, Stamina]

Dark Sword MOD APK V 2.3.6 Download [Unlimited Gold, Souls, Stamina]


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Dark Sword MOD APK– Dark Sword Mod Apk is an exciting and thrilling game in which you play as a black champion who should travel through innumerable mazes and locations swallowed in darkness. And it all started when the dragon robbed the sun and disappeared, exiting the world in everlasting darkness, with everyone having a cold and black heart! Get the sun back, no importance in what it brings.

Information About Dark Sword MOD APK

App NameDark Sword MOD APK
Latest Version2.3.6
Size78 MB
Developed ByNANOO COMPANY Inc.
Requirement5.0 and up
Worldwide Downloads5,000,000+
Root RequiredNo
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Gold, Souls,  MOD Unlocked

Game Overview

Dark Sword Mod Apk is an exciting and fascinating role-playing game, developed and released by NANOO COMPANY Inc, mainly for slash and hack. This game can be played on both devices Android Smartphones and tablets. The game’s attractive and naturalistic graphics capture every player’s attention. The aesthetics of this game is similar to Shadow Fight, a shadow-like game that connects the craft of shadow play, where everything, including the character of the game, is in shadow.

Dark Sword Mod Apk is an exciting and fun game, where we should guide a dark knight via different levels. It will engage us in the environment of an eyesore game, where a dark dragon robbed the sun and settled the earth into total darkness. Who started all this on earth, all the monsters and terrible villains rebelled and just you can stop them. With the massive slash of his sword removing all the enemies that come in front of you, here you have to race through the stages.

Dark Sword MOD APK Features

Start by Fighting in Battle Mode

In this game, the battle mode is the game’s replication of the drive mode in other games, and it is a great option to fastly level up your characters and enhance their power. I suggest beginning by finishing the initial missions, Mission Code 01- come back of the angels, until Mission 1-8, and then boosting your characters and types of equipment once you’ve finished all the objectives up to that point. I think that you will be capable to complete the missions up to that point without boosting the girls too much because I’ll describe why I think it’s essential to boost the warriors later on.


At any level, weapons can be upgraded, but you should start with the first one before going on to the next.  You’ll gain the piece of the weapons at different stages so if you wish to upgrade to the next weapon, you’ll have to first level up your AI and gather sufficient Cores. To increase the power of the weapons, parts of weapons can be added. These parts can be achieved via different quests, stages, and other exercises.


In this game, you can improve your fighting skills at any time,  nonetheless, they vary on the rank of the fighter. For instance, when you start with a C-rank fighter, then you have only one skill. When you promote her to B-rank, you will open another skill. You can upgrade your skills as much as you like as you have sufficient Gold! If you wish to face higher damage with your skills, you must certainly upgrade them.


In Dark Sword Mod Apk, there are a few things that you must count before upgrading! I suggest collecting some before you start placing them because they are comparable to Tetris pieces. Don’t throw the plugin anywhere because they are set only in one slot and you might wind up smashing some


The equipment is the very important thing that gives Fatima extra stats when supplied. The equipment is eventually worn out because they are basically started with a battery. You can also recharge the equipment, but if the battery life of your fighter‘s equipment is 0%, then you cannot e able to get the bonus of the equipment.

Trade Your Equipment

It is great to have many equipment options, but you‘ll momentarily realize that individual types of equipment are no longer needed. If you earn a lot of money in the game, you will require to focus on selling items, because completing levels does not provide you with many golds. In fact, with a common piece of equipment, you earn a neat and clean amount of money and don’t be reluctant to sell the things you no longer want or require. Then the money you have to earn is used to enhance your armor, weapons, and other stuff.

Upgrade Your Equipment

If you face trouble with fighting opponents or finishing a level, only you have to upgrade your equipment. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of gold, you could go back to the levels you’re already finished and again play them to gain more. Most importantly, those levels might give more equipment that you can trade to gain more money.

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