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If you are an expert in making strategies and want to use your brain to defeat someone, then Monster Legends MOD APK will prove to be a great game for you. There are many challenges you have to face here in the game so tighten your belt and start playing the game. Keep in mind that your opponents will cleverly try to defeat you. You have to attack understanding their moves so that you win the game like legends.

What is Monster Legends MOD APK?

Monster Legends is a game of monsters where you move on the earth building your city fighting with other monsters. In this game you make a group of monsters to fight with other monsters to win the battle. So you must make a strong team of monsters. In this game, you have the option to purchase different places, feed, monsters, and buildings with real money. You fight in various events and collect treasures and rewards in your quest for glory. This apk has some specific features that add extra fun to this game. Let’s check it out.

Features of Monster Legends Mod Apk

Collect Different monsters

There are new beasts each week. Breed monsters of various aspects as well as varieties to produce amazing brand new types. You must obtain beasts of all keys in the game in a limited time.

Monster Legends MOD APK


This application gives you the chance to play with friends online. Any game becomes interesting if it involves a group. Team play helps you to compete with your friends online. You would enjoy more while you compete with others and win more.

Restrict ads

When we play games, ads disturb us a lot. But in this game, you can block ads with just a click. They would not bother you after that.

Monster Legends MOD APK

Bunch of animals

Players are provided with more than 700 monsters and are divided according to their elements and rarities. If you want a new monster, you need to collect coins to unlock them. Each time you unlock a new monster you earn a reward. The higher the reward, the higher is your position on rankings. 


To win a battle and overcome your enemies, you need a powerful squad of monsters. In this game players will be able to breed two different monsters to get epic, trained, skillful, and legendary monsters. The breeding of 2 different species according to the elements and rarities will result in the production of a new monster. This new monster has the qualities and power of both species. This monster helps to overcome enemies and win the game. 

Monster Legends MOD APK


This game provides new levels so that players can freely enjoy the live battles and wars in new places and face different seasons. This way the power of monsters is enhanced. New seasons give more rewards and more opportunities to win. You get more rankings. 

Multiplayer battles

You can challenge other beasts in live battles. You may fight in a multiplayer setting for trophies, rewards, and chances to reach the top leagues. Challenging increases your capabilities and chances to win more. With increasing players, your rankings improve. 

Monster Legends MOD APK

Monster heaven

Monster heaven is generally a monster lab where you find a collection of monsters in the mountains, farms, and habitats. The new monster collection would help you in the game. 

What are the features of Monster Legends Mod APK?

This mod version gives you unlimited gold, gems and food unlocked.

Is Monster Legends okay for kids?

This game is not suitable for the kids under 8. Apart from this, people of any age can play this game online.

How can i play monster legends on PC?

This is an addictive game for every smartphone users, if you have an addiction to play this game and you want to play it on PC then you need to install android emulator first.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK

The monsters that play against you are really masters of many skills. It is impossible to defeat them in the game without any strategy. You have to do all this as a team so that you can beat everyone and move forward in the game. Feed your monster from now on and make it strong then face challenges. This is a very addictive game, if you play daily, you will become a master player, then you will have more fun playing.

Download Monster Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Gems/Food/Gold)

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